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We can install hardwood floors on most surfaces in your home

Wooden floors may appear like a simple thing, but it actually has its own version of complexity and uniqueness when it comes to designs- in fact, it has specialty designs you can install in your home. If you need that exquisite look for your space, be it residential or commercial, Artisan Wood Floors offer a variety of custom specialty design that can complement what’s already built inside your house and make your home truly yours.

Hardwood Stairs Installation

Incorporating a unique stairway design with the use of hardwood gives a great lift to your house’s architecture and aesthetics. Make it compatible with your preferences and lifestyle and it’ll increase your home’s value and the sense of permanence you’ll get while you relax at your home. Also, our company specializes in refurbishing stairways and rekindles the majestic look of your wooden floor that may have dulled through the years.

Medallion Installation

This specialty design is commonly installed within the floor’s primary field like hallways, entrance halls, and reception area because of the unique look it exudes. It can be either custom-made or pre-manufactured- you choose. The good thing about medallion is you can add in numerous species of wood- and even media like metals and stones.

Mixed Material Hardwood Installation

Mixing wood with several other types of materials like tile, stone, marble, slate, leather, and metal, you can get an astonishing floor look. One example of this is when you combine wood with a marble vestibule. It adds drama to your entrance because its mixture complements one another. The secret here lies within the wood- it can do well if you mixed with natural materials, in which it radiates a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance.


Speciality Installation

  • No matter the surface, we can install the hardwood floor
  • Stairs, borders, medallions, inlays and mixed material surfaces

Why choose Artisan Wood Floor to install your flooring?

High Quality

Our team ensures that you get the quality you deserve for the reclaimed wood flooring you request. You’ll only get quality antique woods taken from torn down buildings, barns, docks, and even historical homes. Name what you want, and we’ll resource it for you.


Our passionate workers use only advance tools to provide you with a top-notch service. Here, we deeply care for our customers. We value your home as much as you do.

Customer Service

Our team will professionally connect with you. If you want to finish it within a specific date, want a high-quality craftsmanship, or stay within your allotted budget- worry no more because we got you covered.

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