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Professionally sanding, refinishing & restaining for over 40 years

Floors need care from their owners. They get stepped on and incur inevitable damage from weather, pets, water, or lacking in terms of maintenance. But the good news is, we can restore your floor’s natural beauty back and repair these damages in a few quick simple steps.

How Will We Restore Your Floor?

Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, our over 45 years of experience in the flooring industry has led us to develop a process that ensured a top-notch quality wooden floor for thousands of our customers. We take every step seriously- from sanding/staining to repairing the damage to coating it back to its original look. The process goes like this

  • Sanding
  • Staining
  • Coating

Sanding, Staining & Coating Hardwood Floors

We take each step seriously by sanding, staining and re-coating the floor. Or in certain cases, we repair the floor by replacing the boards.

You can restore your floor by refinishing it (sanding, staining, coating) or by simply re-coating when possible by applying another coat on top of the existing one

Through recoating floors, you get to remove discolorations and slight scratches that have reached the surface of your floor. It’s a quick process which extends the lifespan of your floor and protects it in the long run.

Why choose Artisan Wood Floor for your hardwood floor restoration?

At Artisan Wood Floors, we value every inch of your house as much as you. We take pride with our maintenance and wood floor care services and serves our clients with our full efforts.

High Quality

We deliver high-quality floor service- whether it’s commercial, residential, historic spaces, government, or any type of space, we got you covered.


We offer a professional crew to assist you with all of your flooring needs- from estimating the cost, to deciding the wood type, to the finishing the process of wood restoration.

Customer Service

We offer convenience and reliability to our clients. You are our top priority and every detail you’ll give will be taken into greatly.

Get started on your floor today!