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Unique, vintage, beautiful reclaimed wood

Reclaimed woods are not simple woods you wouldn’t mind stepping on with dirty shoes. Among the woods used in different wood floor services, reclaimed wood is the only one who holds the charm of having a personality within it- something which even professionals wouldn’t be able to manufacture on their own. Every inch within a reclaimed wood embraces a story and a sense of antiqueness that will set the value of your home apart from the rest. But aside from the backstory it has, there are lots of things reclaimed wood flooring has to offer for your home.

Where do we get reclaimed woods?

Reclaimed woods aren’t the mainstream woods you’ll find in a casual hardware. They have to be salvaged from old things or architectures. Barns? Torn down buildings? Docks? Historical things? Our reclaimed woods will give your house the exclusiveness and superiority from the character of these reclaimed woods.

By working in the wood flooring industry field for over 45 years, and in Phoenix for over a decade, we discovered where to source the best reclaimed woods clients would love to have for their home.

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Why choose reclaimed wood floors?

  • Timeless - Its beauty is timeless. Whether you’re seeking for a vintage, casual, or modernized look, reclaimed woods never fails to leverage your home’s aesthetics.
  • Repurposed - which means you saved yourself plenty of bucks while still being environmentally friendly. You get to hug Mother Nature without hurting her by any means.
  • Increases reselling value - Many buyers love the timeless and classic vibes given by these reclaimed woods. On average, its value increases 1.5x compared to its price when you purchased it!
  • Last for a long period of time -. Unlike the usual go-to floorings (laminate floors, carpets, etc.), reclaimed woods maintain its high-class look even after several years.

What can we ensure you?

High Quality

Our team ensures that you get the quality you deserve for the reclaimed wood flooring you request. You’ll only get quality antique woods taken from torn down buildings, barns, docks, and even historical homes. Name what you want, and we’ll resource it for you.


Our passionate workers use only advance tools to provide you with a top-notch service. Here, we deeply care for our customers. We value your home as much as you do.

Customer Service

Our team will professionally connect with you. If you want to finish it within a specific date, want a high-quality craftsmanship, or stay within your allotted budget- worry no more because we got you covered.

Get started on your floor today!