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We have tons of options to choose from to match your home!

Whether you’re seeking to get an engineered wood floor or another type of flooring for your home, you’ve reached out to the right professionals. With over 30 years of working in the flooring industry around Phoenix, Arizona, our professional crew has taken care of plenty of homes all throughout the state. When it comes to residential work, our team is right choice to help you to achieve the attractive home you deserve.

Find the right floor for your home

Selecting the style of wood for the flooring in your home is like picking the right shoes to match your outfit- there are no standard rules, but it must complement the overall design of your house and your preference. If you fancy throwing a shade of warmth and sense of hominess to your home, choosing engineered wood flooring is a flawless and timeless choice you’ll ever make.


Why choose engineered hardwood floors?

Compared to any other type of wood flooring, engineered wood floor is versatile and can fit to almost every quality you’re looking for. Although many only consider an engineered floor as an alternative to solid hardwood flooring, it also holds lots of good qualities you never thought of.

  • Compact Construction - made of solid wood top, hardwood back, and high-density fiberboard makes it durable.
  • Low Maintenance - it's characteristic will only require you around 1-2 refining in the entire engineered floor’s lifespan.
  • Quick Process - If you compare it to installing solid hardwood floors, it’ll only take half of the time to finish.
  • Different types of installation - even get a greater variety of installation methods. Click? Glue? Nailing? Stapling? You choose.
  • Great Reselling Value - You can even advertise it like the materials in real estate. It easily attracts buyer- in short, it’s a win-win for you.

What can you expect from us?

High Quality

Our team uses only high standard materials to accomplish your wood floor service request. This is to ensure that you get the strength and durability we promised.


Our passionate personnel works only with advanced tools in their hands to ensure that you also get advanced results. Need an advice with flooring decisions? Want a compelling floor transformation? Spew it and we’ll get it done for you.

Customer Service

Our clients are respected by all means. Need it done by next week? Fancy a specific craftsmanship? Don’t want to get out your budget? Breathe lightly- you’re assured.

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